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We have been licensed Antique Dealers for 29 Years. We are located in Albuquerque New Mexico and have a 5000 square foot facility with many theme based rooms. The Old Oak Tree Antiques has resided at the current location for more than 6 years.

The Antique Business is our sole occupation, and we treat it as such. We pride ourselves in handling high quality, whether it be furniture or rare smalls.

We specialize in American Oak * Arts&Crafts/Mission* Victorian * Country * High Quality & Rare Smalls.

We have a few quality dealers, and we have hundreds of new and repeat Consignors. Our consignment business is growing by leaps and bounds daily. We eagerly buy or consign one piece or a full Estate.

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Ahhh. The Old Oak Tree also carries the treasures of youth and old alike. TOYS!! In our toy box you may find toys of cast iron, wind-up toys. And yes, we often carry dolls of many makes. The French and German origins are always a treat to behold. And also a friend of the Old Oak toy box are those special bears. Teddy bears are always soft and cuddly to anyone.

You may not have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or maybe you were, in any case here's your chance to get that spoon along with the knife and fork. We just may have the utensils you need to complete your settings on those special holidays. Flatware and Hollowware are almost always on hand.

Here you will find general info about our business. This is our antique hometree, from its numerous branches down to planted roots.

Paintings & Prints @ the old oak tree antiques

Within in this catalog you will find things pretty as picture, all of which are fit to be framed. Perhaps some Fine Art or even a Rare Print. Take a Look, it may be possible a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Furniture @ the old oak tree antiques

Old Oak Trees have provided their friends with furniture for many generations ring after ring. This Tree offers American Oak, Mission Arts and Crafts. This tree also provides American Country and Victorian Walnut for those in need to be Baroque.

We also often carry various types of pottery. Van Briggle, Roseville, to the rainbow colors of Fiesta and Bauer makes. These are the some of the most sturdy and most resilient dish-wares that even very young ones have hard time chipping them. Vessels for everyone!

Advertising @ the old oak tree antiques

Like the sign says...Here you will find antique and nostalgic advertisements from all era’s and business domains. Oil and gasoline, food and beverage and much more on all types of medium like porcelain and tin. This tree also often has many advertisements made from pulp, yes paper. Hurry! These things sell themselves!

Textiles & Linens @ the old oak tree antiques

The old oak tree can also help you with your china closets. We often have in hand, if not, within reach of our branches, glassware for all tastes and occasions. Cut Glass, Art Glass, Depression Glass, Cranberry, And other Elegant Glassware which have served the hungry and thirsty through the ages.

Here you may find that certain Rare Linen that completes your linen closet, or the towel rack in the guest room, your guests always deserve the best. Or perhaps you may find the rarest linens of all, the Hand stitched quilt. Being Hand stitched they are truly one of a kind and it does not get any more rare than that.

Porcelain @ the old oak tree antiques

Our tree often has your favorite Porcelain like Wedgewood, R.S. Prussia, R.S. Germany, Nippon, and limoges. The images on some of these tell stories and are just to pretty to eat off. It would be like eating off one of your favorite hardback novels.

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Our branches reach far and shade us well. However, just like many of the antiques we find, no two trees are exactly alike and you never know what you may find. This branch of branches leads to many other trees to help you on your journey.

With roots firmly planted, and its branches raised to the heavens, the Old Oak Tree offers comfort to all. Birds in flight, with great foresight gather in its branches, as well our fury four legged friends seeking that special nut. Travelers and gatherers alike enjoy the comfort that an Old Oak can provide.

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All the info you need to reach us. E-mail, telephone contacts and location if you happen to be in Albuquerque. Also posted are business hours, and after hours contacts for that must have.