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The Furniture Catalog @ the old oak tree antiques
The Furniture Catalog @ the old oak tree antiques
The Furniture Catalog @ the old oak tree antiques
The Furniture Catalog @ the old oak tree antiques


High Quality Antique Furniture is our specialty
Most pieces are 90% to 100%original. Most pieces are American, but 10% or less is
European or other. Check our catalogs for our latest collectibles and antique furnishings.

American Oak
Tables and Chairs, China Cabinets, Sideboards, Roll Top Desks, Beds,
Dressers, Highboys, Iceboxes, etc.
Victorian Walnut
Bedroom Sets, Marble Top pieces, Parlor Sets, Sofas and Chairs. Mission Arts and Crafts,
such as Signed pieces periodically. Settles, Chairs, Rockers, Stands, and Desks.
American Country
Dry Sinks, Pie Safes, Blanket Chests, Tables, Chairs, etc. These antiques give a taste of
what living in the wild west was like.
We periodically carry some of the quality pieces from this era. The latest era of antiques.
Collectable and very nostalgic.

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Here you will find general info about our business. This is our antique hometree, from its numerous branches down to planted roots.

Here you may find that certain Rare Linen that completes your linen closet, or the towel rack in the guest room, your guests always deserve the best. Or perhaps you may find the rarest linen of all, the
Hand stitched quilt. Being Hand stitched they are truly one of a kind and it does not get any more rare than that.

The old oak tree can also help you with your china closets. We often have in hand, if not, within reach of our branches, glassware for all tastes and occasions. Cut Glass, Art Glass, Depression Glass, Cranberry, And other Elegant Glassware which have served the hungry and thirsty through the ages.

Old Oak Trees have provided their friends with furniture for many generations ring after ring. This Tree offers American Oak, Mission Arts and Crafts. This tree also provides American Country and Victorian Walnut for those in need to be Baroque.